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To get started please consider the following…


Please use the drop down menus above and on the left hand side panel to familiarise yourself with this site. In particular we recommend you start by clicking the Main Menu link, Major Music Markets and Site Map in the upper part of the left hand panel.

Alternatively you can search for information and entries in the Search This Site Box located in the top right hand corner of the screen.

We have three major criteria that we adhere to in how we organize our information

  1. By Territory - We use the geographical base (the country where they reside) of the person, music artist, music company etc, to organize where their file will sit. This makes it easier to find someone in your local market, rather than have to search the world for them as well as providing business networking opportunities. Please use the drop down menus at the top of the screen such as 'Member Profiles', 'Music Artists', 'Record Companies' and 'Music Media' etc to find the Geographical market directory for the area of interest within the territory you are seeking.
  2. By Rank & Music Category - We rank things like music artist categories to make navigation easier and to recognize key talent where it is due. We also rank according to music category where possible to assist in recognizing like minded music styles when exploring on our site music artists that may be unfamiliar to some of our members. Please go to Music Artist Categories to see the eight music artist categories we work by. As for other areas on Industrapedia which operate under a ranking hierarchy please visit our Industrapedia Ranking System page for more information.
  3. By Membership Status - Having a hierarchy of membership allows member to recognise who's who in the music industry scheme of things, it also the backbone of our membership incentive scheme. Please visit Class Membership to gain an understanding of our membership levels.


There are two types of profiles you can create for yourself on Music Industrapedia. Your Member Profile (which you can find at either Here: Site Members or Here: All Members) or your Industry Person Profile which is an encyclopedic wiki entry on people who have worked or currently work in the music industry written either by themselves or other members in a biographical third person voice. Both the Member Profile and the Industry People entry on a person are currently created in wiki code, but in the near future, member profiles will be created by simply filling out an online form (with no coding required). In the case of the Industry People profile, please note that it is a wiki entry and that Music Industrapedia is a wiki site. That means that any registered member can contribute as part of a social collaboration effort just like on Wikipedia, except you have to be a registered member on Music Industrapedia to have editing access. In having this access that means that other registered members can contribute writings about you on the industry people profile that has been created about you or by you and vice versa. We envisage that in some cases a page has been written about you and that some details may be inaccurate or incomplete. If you find that that is the case and that you are unhappy about the details that you will contact us so we can help you to correct them. We will endeavor to get our members of our various music industry social media sites of Ye Olde Networks to initiatiate the Industry People profile of themselves.

Fill Out Your Personal 'Member Profile'
Your personal member profile can only be edited by 'Ye Olde' (as the master administrator) or yourself (no-one else). Your Industry people profile can edited by anyone with Class-A site membership (Class-A is VIP membership and made up of validated music industry professionals who have been given major editing clearance on Music Industrapedia). For more information please check out of Class Membership at Music Industrapedia. To access your own Member Profile page (where only you can edit it, other than 'Ye Olde Admin' on your behalf) please visit the Site Members list and click on your name. When you have arrived at your preset member profile page click the 'Edit' link to gain access to your own personal page. For instructions on how to edit your page please visit the how-to-edit-pages page and for recommended content for your profile please visit our Recommended-Personal-Member-Profile-Info page. Please also remember to save your work after you have worked on your personal profile.

Please Note: Your personal profile will contain some mandatory information about that will be filled out by Ye Olde Admin. This is necessary to identify you to other industrapedia members. Being a member gives you editing access and that access must be traceble to a professional music industry identity or as a special industry guest of Ye Olde. An important part of this mandatory information will include where you are based in the world, what you status has been / is within the music industry and who vouched for your membership. The only alternative to not being a member is to be an anonomous observor (public non member / site user) with no editing access who will be able to view the site once we go public, and viewable to the world wide public on the web.

Create an 'Industry People' Profile for Yourself and Others
After you have finished updateing your personal member profile, why note create an encyclopedic entry about your work and experiences as well as your legacy within the Music Industry. The way to do this is to create a page on your self or on people you know in the Industry People section under the appropriate country on Music Industrapedia. Please visit the Music Industry People - Global Outlook page and choose the country catergory page you belong under. If you worked in more than one country (e.g. The UK and America) or more. Choose the country where you started your music industry career. We can add you listing to multiple country pages later. Click on the relevant country listing and this will then take you to the Music Industry People listings for that country. Click on the Edit button and in the edit mode find the right space for your name alphabetically by surname and gently place the cursor in front of the existing name which follows yours alphabetically and hit the enter button to make a space for your name. Please be careful not to delete anyone else's name in the process, deletion of someone elses entry could get your suspended or banned from our site and deliberate vandalism will have your name placed on our 'Global List Of Shame'. Once you have created a bullet point and listed your name on the page please place the following code code before and after your 'firstname surname' which is [[[industry-people-country:firstname surname]]] exactly as we've wriiten except that the country should be where you are located (e.g. america, uk, australia, etc). When you have finished setting up the code for you name, please save the page at the bottom of the screen. Once you have done that please scroll up the page and click on the link that is your name and a new page will appear where you can create your Industry People profile amongst the collection of the country you reside in.

List Your 'Industry Person' Identity on Industrapedia in the Appropriate Multiple Industry Categories
With your Industry People profile now created it is now time to include it in the appropriate industry category pages. For instance if you work as a music manager but also have worked as a roadie and a musician you can have your industry people page also listed on the directory of those industry pages which can be located at the following global outlook directory pages: music-management, roadcrew-roadies and music-artists-global-outlook. In each of these Global Outlook directories you will need to drill down and find your countries listing for music management, roadies or musicians are alternatively you can find these pages via your countries Music Industry directory page which can be found in the left hand column under "INDUSTRY BY REGION". When you get to the page in question, click on the 'edit' link for the page and repeat the process as you did in the following paragraph using the Industry People profile you created for your self or others. It is OK to have multiple listings of your Industry people profile across multiple lists if you have an association with the Music Industry category whether your a music manager, publicist, promoter, producer, songwriter, roadie, etc.

Let us Know of Your Work
Once you have established your Industry People identity across the various category pages, let us know so we can ensure that your entry is maximised on our site. We will then provide support in inproving your presence on our site and include search tags and breadcrumb links to the appropriate industry people page. We will also be able to help you link your identity to other things you were involved with such as companies, events, music artists you were associated with during your career.
Please either leave brief message at our updater forum or alternatively pleae send us an email at ye.olde.networks@gmail .com so we can check out your work.


(i.e. Write or edit a 'Music Industrapedia 'entry)
Being a wiki, you can contribute content and information at Music Industrapedia.
Please email us at at moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey with any editorial contributions and suggestions for any pages on Music Industrapedia for the moment. If you want to create content and pages for Music Industrapedia please check out our detailed instructions on our How-to-Edit-Pages guide as well as our Industrapedia Content Creation Guide. Alternatively you can read the many tutorial instructions at Wikidot on their online Handbook at …

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