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17th February 2016

This week was our 3rd anniversary publicly, and our 5th year of production.

On the surface, over the last year, since our last update, there hasn't been much to see in terms of major development on the site (; but, underneath the surface an enormous amount of work has taken place. We have been very busy building content within our pages almost every single day of the past year putting in hundreds of hours of work on building content and moving beyond the many minimal / blank pages when we began.

As part of the 'content' building process we've been very active fleshing out the music artist pages for many international music acts we've created in the two years before that especially with key artist info and embedded videos on their most recognizable or best track. We've been especially busy though deeply researching who the major music artist are of all the key countries of the world. We now nearly have music artists represented on our pages for nearly every country of the world. This has been a long hard process tracking down "ANYTHING" to include from some of these countries, but we are nearly there in having every country listed with one of their key music artists.

In our first two years since our launch, we mainly concentrated on getting the major artists listed and created for the top 8 music markets of the world namely the USA, Japan, The UK, Germany, France, Australia and Canada. In the last year we've put considerable focus on getting the major music artists pages listed and created for Italy, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Cuba and Jamaica.

Music Industrapedia still has a long way to go, but we are in for the long haul. There is still a big lack of written content, due to the slowness in finding writers, but we at least have some great video content for many if not most pages we've created.

We are still blitzing it in our search results for Google for the search term music industry + 'country' searched and we are still No.1 on Google for the search term ' global music industry directory'.

Some of you have also lamented the ceasing of our 'Music of the World' series on social media. Unfortunately, at the time we ran out of decent artists to include (research has taken ages). However, we have been steadily preparing for that series return which we will kick off again in the next day or so, so stay tuned.

Thanks again for your continued interest in Music Industrapedia. We plan to make it even bigger, better and more substantial over the next year and beyond. Regards Simon Rashleigh (Founder & Chief Administrator - Music Industrapedia)

10th January 2015: Its been a while since we updated this, but we wanted to reported on a new expansion of music artist pages on the site where we feature a visual grid of major albums by an artist. So fare we have created major album visual grids for the following artists: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Radiohead and Kraftwerk. Check out these pages to see how they look.

16th February 2013: This site went LIVE

9th February 2013: New Logo and branding for Music Industrapedia

25th September 2012: Created new Backstage Door Sign In / Log In page.

Between September 2011 and September 2012 (Overview): Obviously we have not updated news much on the site, but a lot has been going on and we have been busy developing the site further during that whole year period.

August 18th 2011 - New Background Red colour wrap added and temporary logo update. Also inclusion of 'Ye Olde Global Music Industrians' logo in the top banner.

August 17th 2011 - Created a maximum and minimum width for site so that it works better on smaller websites and less sophisticated browsers such as IE7. Various pages and images were rescaled to work within these new parameters.

August 15th 2011 - 'Ye Olde Film Industrapedia' sister site (not yet available except to key industrapedia colleagues) updated in a major way to resemble major features of this site except that the colour scheme is blue (not red) and it may be called 'Ye Olde Screen Industrapedia' to better reflect the morphing integrated nature of the film and TV industry in today's world.

FROM MID JULY to MID AUGUST - A major amount of work was done researching all major music acts of the world and added to the music artist list pages for America, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, France and a many other European nations. Also lots of research undertaken regarding UK music labels, recorded music retailers and music venues, much of which has been included as list entries for our UK music industry directory pages and which will be turned into individual pages over time.

July 4th 2011 - Renamed 'Latin American Music Industry' Section to 'South American Music Industry'. This was a necessary move to try and balance out the country representation between North America and South America. As a result of this change Central America and The Carribean (AKA West Indies) will be included in the North American section to balance out the number of countries in North America amd South America which was becoming unbalanced with the inclusion of all the appropriate countries for Latin America.

June 28th 2011 - "Major Navigation Change" - Changed Drop Down Menu on Top Screen Bar from "MUSIC BIZ - OTHER" to "INDUSTRY DIRECTORY".

June 25th 2011 - New Wide Screen format applied to allow the design of our pages fit on any screen (and using scroll bars to see the content), instead of content being squashed up on smaller screens and looking horrible. Please Note: The wide screen format on Music Induistrapedia is a temporary measure and we will be returning to a standard sized screen format in the future.

June 23rd 2011 - Created major music market (multiple page listings) for the following music industry nations: Israel and Poland.

May 27th 2011 - Creation of VIDEO TUTORIAL PAGE

May 26th 2011 - Creation of Music Retailer pages for the following US states: District of Columbia, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.

May 20th 2011 - Finally got the architecture right for Music Venue list pages and Music Retail list pages. Check out Music retail page on Australia and Alabama to see how we combine the retail industries of Recorded Music and Music Equipment. We have also got the Music Venue structure right for the site, please check out our melbourne-music-venues page to see what the new structure is to be employed on every territory's music venue page (when we get round to updating them all)

May 19th 2011 - Major restructuring of the classical-music-industry section. We have decided to create separate pages for classical musicians, and to separate composers and conductors after some industry consultation. We have also included a new section for Opera singers as well and given Opera its own sub industry section. This has expanded the classical music industry sub sections from 9 to 12 sections, but it better represents the industry. Check out our Classical Music industry page for Australia to see how this works. Another change has been the renaming the category of 'Production Music' to 'Screen-Music' after some industry consultation which is a better umbrella term for this section.

May 11th 2011 - Created major music market (multiple page listings) for the following music industry nations: Netherlands,

May 10th 2011 - Created major music market (multiple page listings) for the following music industry nations: Austria, Italy and Spain.

May 9th 2011 - Created Classical Music Industry pages for America, Australia and France. Also created single category music market pages for the music industries of Iran and Egypt.

MAY 7th 2011
Created major music market (multiple page listings) for the following music industry nations: South Africa. Also added new entries to the Music Industry People UK list. Additional new pages that have been created include a new and updates Rules of Music Industrapedia page as well as an Industrapedia Content Creation Guide

APRIL 26th 2011
Created major music market (multiple page listings) for the following music industry nations:France, Germany, Japan and Thailand. Also created new additions to Music Media listings in Australia and Industry People in Australia.

APRIL 21st 2011

APRIL 18th 2011

APRIL 15th 2011

  • New Introduction page created which now houses my opening message. This leaves the Landing Page / Welcome page ( which has now been renamed the 'Home Page') as being a more simpler and cleaner first destination page / Home Page for this site.
  • Changed the viewing order of the side panel (left), so that the Music Industry by Region group of links is more prominantely displayed for first time users and visitors to Music Industrapedia.

APRIL 12th 2011

APRIL 9th 2011

  • New Search Box on Landing Page and large 'Ye Olde Music Industrapedia' - temporary logo.

APRIL 3rd 2011

  • Consolidation of the Classical Music Industry pages under one category listing which is now Classical Music Industry. New sub categories have also been added such as classical music retail, classical music support services and classical music industry people.
  • Inclusion within the Australia Music Industry section of 13 new sub categories taking it from 10 sub categories to 23 sub categories.
  • Changed the name of Music Industry Events to music-industry-festivals-events to reflect annual rock festivals (e.g. Knebworth, Woodstock, Big Day Out) whether current or defunct as well as music industry events such as NAMM, The Grammy Awards, etc..
  • Created a new Music Industry Information Services Directory section here at Music Industry Info Services
  • The Musical Instruments & Pro Audio Industry category name has been changed to Music Equipment & Instruments Industry. This global outlook page for this music industry category has also been updated with a territories link list and improved 'elements of the industry' list.

MARCH 28th 2011

  • New The Recorded Music Charts Links for Billboard (USA), ARIA (Australia) & The Official Charts (UK) are now up on our Music News Links page at music-news-links

MARCH 27th 2011

  • America Music Industry- Reformat of Major Industry Category Links page.
  • UK Music Industry- Reformat of Major Industry Category Links page.
  • Germany Music Industry - Reformat of Major Industry Category Links page.

MARCH 26th 2011

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