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We offer the following Commercial Interactivity…

  • Industrapedia Premium* Membership (get exclusive content, personal support, training and advice to improve your presence on Industrapedia and get coding support via email and skype) - Normally $60 USD a year - Introductory offer = $30 USD. Please visit our Class Membership for full membership option details.
*Please Note: Industrapedia is a free service to join, however this premium membership is for those folks requiring extra specialist support in getting their profiles established or would like that extra bit of exclusive content that we will have on our site (exclusive music artist downloads etc).
  • Advertising on Music Industrapedia (Banner Advertising on Music Industrapedia)
  • Premium Profiles - (hire our creative / writing / coding team to improve you presentation on Industrapedia)
  • Classifieds - Our community notice board offers free adverts for our members and paid adverts for non members. Members and Non Members can also purchase our premium classified spots which appear on other areas of our site outside of the Notice Board area. To learn more about Classifieds please email us at moc.liamg|krowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|krowten.edlo.ey and write 'classifieds enquiry' in the email title line so we can send you our classifieds kit.
  • External Consultancy Services - (Let us help you with your music career with Management and Marketing advice)
  • Media Services - (Use our creative team to help you create or manage content to promote you career / or create a legacy of your working life in the music industry either on Industrapedia or other sites)
  • Training and Personal Coaching on doing your own coding and page layouts on Industrapedia (either for your own profiling benefits or to get paid in our agency to creating premium profiles for others)
  • Social Media services - Let us setup and manage your social media presence on the web.
  • Networking Services (let us help you make the right connections in the global music industry with special 'Business Introductions & Profiling Service')
  • Music Artist Career Development Services (Let our team of experts from Music Producers, Journalists, Stylists, Publicists, Photographers, Film Makers, Entertainment Lawyers, etc help you with your career)

Sponsorship & Advertising Enquiries

For more information please contact us…
Snail Mail: PO Box 35 Canterbury (Melbourne) Victoria 3126, Australia
Email: moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey
Phone (international): +61 407 706 183
Phone (Australia): 0407 706 183

Associated & Recommended Businesses

  • Simon Rashleigh - Marketing Media & Management
  • Bruce Butler - Artist Management
  • Ed Nimmervoll - Media Services

We support the following industries:

  • Record Store Day retailers - Our default Buy-This-Album links spread throughout our site takes you to the Buy-This-Album page which directs our site user to the Global Search for Local Music Retailers on the 'Record Day Store' website. We receive no payment for this. It's our way of giving back to the industry,
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