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What this is all about!

Essentially this is a Wiki site and profile directory for the Global Music Industry (like a music industry version of Wikipedia) with some similar social media features we have planned that you would find on Facebook, Linked In and MySpace.

'Ye Olde Music Industrapedia' is a unique Wiki for 'Ye Olde Record Companyarian members'. Our Music Industrapedia offers you the following:


  • Our multi portal layout architecture within the Wikidot engine will allow you to bring (via the process of embedding) all your online professional profiles (e.g. official website, wikipedia site, myspace site, etc) together in the one place. For more details visits our Industrapedia Technical Features page.
  • Profiles of all Music Artists that our members have had some involvement with or have an interest in as displayed here at: Global Major Artists, music artists in each territory list (e.g, America, UK, Australia, etc.) or check out all music artists and outfits according to our overall Music Artist Categories List. These lists includes major artists as well as many indie, self published and unsigned artists that are either current or defunct. Our unique portal layout allows for the embedding of official band websites, wikipedia sites and other music industry websites and wiki's to give each music artist a space where all their online profiles comes together a the one place - here at Music Industrapedia.
  • A list of Member Profiles (overview) which allows members to create their own industry identity / legacy pages including who they worked alongside and what they were involved with, what they did and where they are now. This is a great way to share within the industry your profile with out having to give away intimate details of your life. This is laid out according to where you live and can be accessed at our global members list. You can also embed your My Space page and Wikipedia User profile page here within your profile page via our easy to program portal layout functionality.
  • A list of Record Companies and Labels with insider stories retelling their history outside of "official" channels as accessed here at 'record companies labels GLOBAL list'.
  • You can create and customise your own page (as long as its within the Ye Olde guidelines). We can offer you a variety of templates and online training to get you started (for free) or we can arrange for someone to create a page for you for a small fee. Go to Getting Started for more info.


  • You can contribute to major pages just like can with Wikipedia except we are a lot more lenient on references, editing and notability. There will be no intellectual bullying here at Industrapedia where we are more laid back. Please note that this does not include major List Heading pages (which is under the strict control of our administrators), however if you think we missed something please contact us.
  • If you want a create a page on an item you can as long as it fits our Ye Olde guidelines in terms of category rules and style rules.
  • It only has to be notable to you to justify an entry being created (however it needs to be relevant to the Music Industrapedia concept), but you need to create the page with the intention to share that page with others (i.e. it needs to be properly positioned with appropriate points of reference e.g. era, location, key events, etc) and in accordance of our industrapedia ranking system.
  • You do not need to provide a reference to prove that it occurred but you do need to provide a reference note that it if from personal experience (first hand) or that you heard it directly from the horses mouth (second hand knowledge). Third hand knowledge (Someone told me who heard it directly from 'X') must have references to first or second hand knowledge (who they heard it from.
  • Wikidot which powers this Ye Olde wiki site has heaps of training info so you can develop your skills in editing the Ye Olde pages. If you want to learn more, make sure you visit the Documentation section at www.wikidot.com

Who can join us

Membership Options

  • You can join us as a 'Viewing Member' if you are a member of any of our existing Facebook Ye Olde sites:
  • You can edit pages here or contribute your own material or ideas as a 'Contributing Member' if you register with an email address with Ye Olde Networks
  • You can become a moderator upon application with Ye Olde Network manager. Apply in writing via email or facebook message to Ye Olde Networks
  • All material you contribute is copyright to you (or the agency you represent or who you got it off) and its usage here on our Ye Olde site is considered to lent or given to us under the Creative Commons copyright arrangement as detailed here at [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/].


Some may say that an idea like this is impractical to hope to have 30 music industry categories filled for every country and territory of the world. We would say to those critics they are probably right or to give it time, and that we are coming from a place of idealism in creating this to provide every country and territory of the world with a place where they can document their local music industry whether it is established, emerging or just hoped for. To us music is a liberating force and language or expression of potential freedom. But for music to "get-up" and be heard and sustained or even created to be appreciated by the masses it needs infrastructure, and we hope this site can document that infrastructure (past, present and future) and offer a place for others to find what is available (to the best of our knowledge and those of our members who have contributed to the information on this site). So if you find this site is lacking please contribute "writings" and "listings" so we can make it better.

Who is Behind This

This site 'Ye Olde Music Industrapedia' also known as 'Music Industrapedia' as well as the web domains ye-olde-music-industrapedia.wikidot.com, www.industrapedia.com, www.industrapedia.org and www.industrapedia.net are fully owned and operated by Simon Rashleigh (Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved)*- Simon Rashleigh is a sole trader and his registered ABN (Australian Business Number) is: 52 518 372 308 . The site is managed by Simon Rashleigh under his business name Ye Olde Networks (which he also fully owns). Management of this site is by Simon Rashleigh and his team of volunteer 'Ye Olde' Admins and Moderators from his social media groups who work as a team of volunteer supporters at Industrapedia and Ye Olde Networks. Access and creation of content on Music Industrapedia is by its contributing members of this site as indicated at 'members'.

Ye Olde Music Industrapedia is hosted by Wikidot (www.wikidot.com) in accordance with their own license and via the hosting subscription taken out by Simon Rashleigh (Founder and Chief Global Admin of 'Ye Olde Music Industrapedia' / 'Music Industrapedia' / 'Industrapedia'). The Head Office base for 'Ye Olde Music Industrapedia' is in Melbourne, Australia, Our Mailing Address is: PO Box 35 Canterbury VIC 3126 Australia. Phone: +61 407 706 183, Email: moc.liamg|aidepartsudni#moc.liamg|aidepartsudni or moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey#moc.liamg|skrowten.edlo.ey Websites: www.simonrashleigh.com.au and www.ye-olde-networks.com

*= Except for where otherwise indicated with Creative Commons or other copyright licenses with certain images and information. If anyone has any issue with anything on this site in regards to copyright, privacy issues or objectionable material please immediately contact Simon via the details above to rectify the situation.

For More Information + The Rules

For more information about how Industrapedia works (including policies and site concepts) please visit our Industrapedia Information and Policies page. Please also check out our Rules of Music Industrapedia to ensure you understand what you can and cannot do on our site.

We would like to thank the Wikipedia foundation and other sites for sharing their content on our Wiki site.

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